Congratulations Osman!

Osman won the third overall pick in the 2014 Draft. Because the Dow closed on Wednesday at 16443.34, there was no winner because both 34 (last two digits) and 33 (second and third to last digits) were both in Tom’s range. So we moved on to Thursday. And today, the Dow closed at 16368.27. The last two digits were also in Tom’s range, but the second and third to last digits – 82 – fell in Osman’s range (73 – 84).

The 2014 Lottery is now complete and the final draft order is:

  1. Kennedy
  2. Dimond
  3. Abbasi
  4. Winerman
  5. Nussbaum
  6. Dunfee
  7. Weiss
  8. Paulson
  9. Saiz
  10. Cutchshaw
  11. Sampson
  12. Baxter

A full draft order, including traded picks, will be posted soon after the keeper deadline passes, which is Friday, August 15th.

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