Four Players Traded for Pick

The Overachievers traded DeMarco Murray, Andre Brown, Rashad Jennings and Carson Palmer to the Caminker Hair Mousse AllStars for their 2014 Fifth Round pick.The Overachievers also traded their 2014 Fifteenth Round pick. This was the first trade between these two teams this season and the ninth trade overall.

Week 9 Upset Special

Sorry folks, no Power Rankings this week. But to wet your whistle, I’ll give you my upset special of the week (for those keeping track at home, I’m 1 – 1 on these):

Caminker Hair Mousse AllStars over Albino Polar Bears

I just think that, with Arian Foster out, Jimmy Graham banged up (although he was last week, and…), and DeSean Jackson neutralized by the fact that Weiss has Foles, this is a recipe for an upset.

Good luck in Week Nine!

The G.O.A.T.?

As I was putting together the League Annals page, I began to consider the League through a longer lens. And I wondered:  Which among us is the best owner in League history?  After trying long and hard to find a way to conclude it was me, I was lead to a different conclusion by counting down from seven to one…

The Bad News Barristers came together seven years ago. But since then, we have crowned just six league champions:  Weiss (‘06, ‘07), Nussbaum (‘08), Cutchshaw (‘09), me (’10), Sampson (’11), and Dunfee (‘12). Of course, the original five teams in the league (Abbasi, Dimond, Sampson, Weiss, and Winerman) have a significant advantage in a contest that rewards sustained success (so sorry Emilio, you didn’t have much chance of winning this one). But even among the first five, Weiss’s post-season dominance is unparalleled:  Weiss has played for the title four times in the League’s first seven seasons!

Weiss’s detractors will point out that his first championship came against a depleted talent pool; after all, the League had such fabled members as Ben “Who Wants My Best Player?” Pong Wang, Drew “My Girlfriend Goes to Another Middle School, I Swear” Bradylyons, and Maurice “Like Thick Molasses” Worsley. And those detractors will point out that his second title was won with a .500 record. Maybe the detractors have a point…

Okay, so if not Weiss, then who? Well, if we forget about rings and focus on W’s, there are only three teams have won 50+ games in League history:  Kennedy (52), Weiss (51), and me (54). But remember, Weiss and I were original members, so our averages aren’t very impressive. To be second all-time in wins in only six seasons, Kennedy sports a whopping .675 winning percentage! And he’s never had a losing season! Weiss, meanwhile, has managed just three winning seasons in seven years. It’s Montana-Marino. Brady-Manning. Weiss-Kennedy. How can we settle such eternal questions? Well, here’s what did it for me…

The Caminker Hair Mousse AllStars are one of only two teams who have never changed their name (see also, Suckmy Weinermans). I mean, my God, the Caminker Hair Mousse AllStars have outlasted the Dean himself! How it can ever be changed now? It’s practically in memoriam.

In all seriousness though, we all know that it came down to this:  Weiss is the only one who has won it all more than once. And while the five one-time winners will try to match Weiss this year as the six never-have’s vie for their first taste of sweet victory, we should all take a moment to consider how truly rare back-to-back fantasy championships really are. Even if they were half a decade ago.

Good luck at defending your Championship, Hank, and putting your own name in this conversation.

Congratulations Winerman!

Justin has won the Lottery with the winning number 97 and Suckmy Winermans will have the number one overall pick in the 2013 Bad News Barristers Draft. Congratulations! With the lowest odds of winning (just 3%), Justin has pulled off the unthinkable. Although it must suck to be Greg right now, this is truly what the Lottery is all about.

The second pick will be decided at the close of the Dow today, so check the Journal’s homepage at about about 1:30 pacific to see who will pick second! Good luck to everyone left!

Although it’s unlikely, if one of Winerman’s numbers comes again (97 – 99), the winning number will simply be the second- and third-to-last digits of the DJIA (i.e., the two digits on either side of the decimal), and so on as necessary.

The third pick will be decided tomorrow. After that, picks four through 12 will be determined by reverse order of last year’s standings in accordance with League rules.