The Lottery 2014


The 2014 BNB Lottery will begin THIS Monday, August 4th using the closing number of the Dow.

Here’s a list of the Lottery teams, with each owner’s chance of winning…

  1. Winerman 25%
  2. Kennedy 20%
  3. Dimond 15%
  4. Nussbaum 13%
  5. Abbasi 12%
  6. Dunfee 8%
  7. Weiss 4%
  8. Paulson 3%

The final picks of the draft will be Cutchshaw (9), Saiz (10), Sampson (11) and Baxter (12). Please see the League Rule Book to recall how the draft order is decided.

If the final two digits (after the decimal) of the closing number of the Dow on Monday are between 0 and 24, Winerman has the first pick, and so on. Here is a complete list of the winning digits:

  1. Winerman 0 – 24
  2. Kennedy 25 – 44
  3. Dimond 45 – 59
  4. Nussbaum 60 – 72
  5. Abbasi 73 – 84
  6. Dunfee 85 – 92
  7. Weiss 93 – 96
  8. Paulson 97 – 99

Remember, only the first overall pick is being determined on Monday. Tuesday and Wednesday of next week will decide the second and third overall picks. Good luck!

And, as always, if you have any questions or concerns, just shoot me an email.

2014 League Fees


I would like to first thank the entire League for reliably paying their fees on-time each season. I expect this year to be no different. And like last season, the fees are $100 per team to be paid out 75/25 to the 2014 Champion and Runner-Up, respectively.

There are several ways you can pay your 2014 League Fees:

  1. The easiest and best way is to send it via Google Wallet to If you’ve never used Google Wallet, I highly recommend it. It is simple and FREE (if you use your bank account).
  2. Although Google Wallet is highly preferred, you may also send me the money via PayPal to
  3. If you want to use the old fashioned method, please email me separately and I will give you my home address.

If I don’t receive payment from you by Friday, August 1st, I will send you an electronic invoice as a reminder. And remember, if your fees are not paid by September 4, 2014, your team will forfeit each game until the fees are paid. But we’ve never had that happen before, so we don’t intend to start this season.

Thanks to those owners who have already paid their 2014 dues. Much appreciated.