Four Players Traded for Pick

The Overachievers traded DeMarco Murray, Andre Brown, Rashad Jennings and Carson Palmer to the Caminker Hair Mousse AllStars for their 2014 Fifth Round pick.The Overachievers also traded their 2014 Fifteenth Round pick. This was the first trade between these two teams this season and the ninth trade overall.

Week 9 Upset Special

Sorry folks, no Power Rankings this week. But to wet your whistle, I’ll give you my upset special of the week (for those keeping track at home, I’m 1 – 1 on these):

Caminker Hair Mousse AllStars over Albino Polar Bears

I just think that, with Arian Foster out, Jimmy Graham banged up (although he was last week, and…), and DeSean Jackson neutralized by the fact that Weiss has Foles, this is a recipe for an upset.

Good luck in Week Nine!

Red Rocket Worth Second Round Pick?

Who wants Jennings or Harvin? traded their 2014 second round pick to Not Relevant! for the Red Rocket and the Not’s 2014 fifteen round pick.

Of course, this was after the Rocket’s five touchdown, 408 point performance against the Jets and right before his zero touchdowns, three picks and a fumble, 123 point turd against the Dolphins on Thursday Night Football. To be fair to the ownership of the Jennis, Dalton have averaged 373 points over three weeks, but to be fair the Commish, the League office informed the Jennis on Wednesday that Dalton was a high risk move. But the Vick injury, followed by the Bradford injury, followed by the Vick injury, really forced the Jenni’s hand.

This was the eight trade of the season and the third between these two teams. The Jenni’s have sent their second, third, fourth, and sixth round picks to the Nots. They’ve all been fair deals, but one could make the argument that there’s collusion going on here. Whatever you call it, these teams will only have each other to thank, or themselves to blame, for their success or failure over the next two seasons.