2013 Rule Changes

Last summer, the League voted on the following new rules that will take effect this season…

new rulesFirst, there is an additional roster spot for a 
Universal Offensive Player, increasing the total number of starters to ten.

Second, while the flex position has been retained, tight ends may now be started in the ‘flex.’

Third, positional roster limits have been eliminated, which means that you may now have on your roster as many players of one position as you like.

BadNewsBarristers.com has arrived!

Now in it’s eighth year, the Bad News Barristers fantasy football league has a website!

Although you will still use the ESPN website to manage your team, all the league information you need will be contained here–think trades, important dates, rules, stuff like that–and you can also pay your 2013 dues right now! There’s even a mobile site!

This is also the future home of the revamped Power Rankings, so stay tuned…

To make it more convenient to communicate with other owners this season, you can send an email to all league members quickly and easily with the form to the right. Or, you send an email to the league from anywhere at league@badnewsbarristers.com.

More than that, though, you can post on the Message Boards to talk smack or trash, or what-have-you. In order to keep those messages nice and private, however, you need to log in (you do not need to log in to view the rest of website). Your username is your first name and your password has been emailed to you separately (if you have not received it within 24 hours, please email me).

As an added bonus, each of you now has a custom, private email address which is <your-first-name>@badnewsbarristers.com. To find out how to send from this address through your gmail account, click here. And if you’d like to have your email address be your last name instead, have any questions about email security, or prefer to have your email address deactivated, just email me.

I hope you find the website useful and fun and I welcome any feedback. So enjoy, and here’s to best season of Bad News Barristers fantasy football yet!

–The Commish

Hank Dunfee, Champion

ray lewis celebration

In just his third season, Hank Dunfee is our League Champion. Congrats, Hank!

Hank joined the league in 2010, captaining the questionably-named Denard’s Shoelaces to the playoffs, only to be blown out in the opening round to eventual runner-up, the Caminker Hair Mousse AllStars.

But the Laces really came untied in 2011 and they managed only two wins. But they weren’t just dragging on the bathroom floor–the Laces acquired three–count ’em–three second round picks that season (he literally owned a third of the second round picks in 2012), and nabbed extra 4th and 7th round picks to boot.

Like the Lions, Hank LOVES wide receivers and he used those extra second round picks on Jordy Nelson, Victor Cruz, and Dez Bryant. But it really helps when your last pick is in the 10th round of the draft and it was Hank’s amazing back half that propelled his team last season–Tony Gonzalez, Robert Griffin III and Michael Crabtree were all drafted late.

The newly name Hopefully Relevant! went 7 and 4 in the regular season, but still secured a bye before defeating Jon Gruden’s Bang Bus (Osman) and The Overacheivers (Tom) en route to his first fantasy championship. Hank joins Dave (2006, 2007), Lane (2008), me (2009), Ben (2010), and Greg (2011) in the hall of champions.

Congratulations, Hank. Good luck trying to repeat.